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Conducting a Cyber Investigation

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On September 8, 2017, Carmen Ortiz participated in a panel discussion at the Hispanic National Bar Association’s Convention about best practices for conducting a cyber investigation. Billions of dollars are lost every year, consumers private information is compromised leaving them devastated and companies reputations are damaged due to cyber crime. As the former U.S. Attorney, Carmen was able to provide firm counsel and in-house counsel with a look into the government’s perspective on what to do before a data breach, how to respond when it occurs and remediation after a breach. She emphasized the importance of establishing a relationship with law enforcement prior to a cyber incident, and noted that alerting the government and proper authorities early on after a breach may significantly help a company mitigate damages. As a victim of cyber crime, law enforcement will work with companies to help them assess the data breached to determine the possible cause and minimize the risk of re-occurrence. Notifying the government may not be required in every situation in which a data breach occurs, but it is a case by case determination that counsel can assist their clients with.

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