Special Municipal Counsel

A&K serves many Massachusetts municipalities as special counsel. In this role, we handle litigation and a range of transactional matters including real estate transactions, alternative energy projects and affordable housing permitting. We have represented over 20 cities and towns in Massachusetts as special counsel.

Below are some recent examples of our special counsel work:

  • We helped Attleboro with a Superfund site that was partly within its borders, helping it successfully mediate its liability with the many potentially responsible private parties, and negotiating a consent decree with the Department of Justice.
  • We helped Cambridge acquire East Cambridge properties in connection with one of the largest private developments in the City. We also helped it with its sewer infrastructure improvement project, undertaken as part of the Boston Harbor clean-up litigation.
  • We successfully settled environmental claims against Cambridge, which alleged coal ash contamination from the City’s former municipal incinerator.
  • For Wakefield, we successfully settled excess profits litigation brought against a 40B affordable housing complex’s developer.
  • We defended Revere against civil enforcement actions involving allegations of sanitary sewer overflows with illicit discharges to storm drains. We recently negotiated favorable terms with the Department of Justice in a proposed consent decree.

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