Town Counsel

A&K has long served as Town Counsel to a number of Massachusetts towns.  We handle the full range of legal work for:

  • Acton
  • Belmont
  • Concord
  • Dover
  • Ipswich
  • Lexington
  • Winchester
  • Wrentham

Here are a few examples of our Town Counsel work:

  • We helped Acton complete a complex land purchase, which both preserved active farmland and remediated a contaminated site.
  • We helped Acton, Belmont, Concord and Lexington develop solar power systems on municipal property. Solar power will help these communities be green, and significantly reduce their energy costs.
  • After the Boston Marathon bombings, we helped Lexington sort out the First Amendment implications of canceling a Guns Rights Across America rally to accommodate the manhunt’s demands on the Town’s police resources.
  • For Acton, we successfully defended the Town’s sewer betterment assessment bylaw against challenges by the Town’s largest corporate landowner. To do this, we guided Acton through the Town Meeting approval process, negotiated conservation easements, got an agreement from the Attorney General’s Office, and oversaw the soil removal procurement process.
  • For the Lexington Historical Commission, we defended the validity of the Town’s demolition delay bylaw on summary judgment and on appeal.

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