Building Deals

To purchase a $100M+ campus of lab, office and retail space in Kendall Square, you need serious legal expertise. That’s why one of the nation’s largest life sciences REITs chose A&K.

Any acquisition of a $100M multi-building property – especially one intended for lab, office and retail use – requires a team with serious transactional real estate experience, wherever the location. But when the campus is located in a rapidly developing neighborhood at the edge of Kendall Square, Cambridge, where residential and commercial uses are cheek to jowl, you need more. Your team must also know how to navigate the local permitting landscape, communicate with city officials, and manage neighborhood and abutter concerns.

Our expertise in these areas made one of the nation’s largest life sciences REITs turn to A&K for representation and guidance for its acquisition.

Their decision paid off. During due diligence, A&K uncovered unique local permitting, political and neighborhood issues that had a direct – and negative – impact on the buildings’ potential for re-use as lab space. Armed with this knowledge, A&K helped the client quantify the development risks to revise the deal’s underwriting.

A&K completed the acquisition without any new surprises. Just the way our clients like it.

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