High Voltage

National Grid faced one of its toughest permitting jobs when it needed to install 32 miles of electric transmission wires across two states. Grid turned to A&K for help.

Even for a sophisticated client like National Grid, obtaining all necessary permits (local, state and federal) for 32 miles of critical electric transmission line in Massachusetts and Rhode Island presented a major challenge. A&K successfully helped guide Grid through this permitting gauntlet.

We worked seamlessly with National Grid’s in-house team and outside environmental and engineering consultants. A&K advised Grid on complex regulatory provisions and negotiation strategy, and helped find ways to expedite the permitting process.

The project also involved a novel permitting issue. When Native American tribes alerted Grid to historic and cultural resources near the project, we helped devise a solution under the Federal Historic Preservation Act that both preserved the cultural resources and allowed the project to proceed on time.

With our help, Grid has obtained all needed permits and has begun construction on this vital infrastructure project.

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