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State Statutes Can Help Polluters: Supreme Court CERCLA Preemption Case Could Apply in Massachusetts

For Massachusetts hazardous waste sites, a new Supreme Court case may apply to bar some contamination claims. CTS Corporation v. Waldburger holds that state statutes of repose – unlike state statutes…

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Demystifying DEP’S New Cleanup Regulations

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (“DEP”) has issued significant amendments to the Massachusetts Contingency Plan (“MCP”), the massive set of regulations governing the cleanup of oil and hazardous materials…

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How to Implement EOEEA’s Environmental Justice Policy

A South Boston recycling project – facing opposition from its surrounding environmental justice community – illustrates the perils to both neighborhoods and developers trying to get projects off the ground…

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The Supreme Court Limits Local Government Permitting Authority; Developers Claim a Big Win

For the first time, the Court held that, when a local government asks for a “monetary exaction” before approving a land use permit application, it could be an illegal taking. Monetary exactions…

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