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Posted In: Employment Claims

Wage and Hour Liability Coverage?

Defense-Only Coverage May Be Available. Want Indemnification Too?  The First Five Million’s On You. Lawsuits alleging violation of statutes regulating overtime wages, tips and other employee compensation, commonly referred to…

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Massachusetts Will Require Joint and Several Allocation for Defense Costs on Long-Tail Claims, NY Federal District Court Predicts

Narragansett Electric Decision Breaks a Tie Between Massachusetts District Court Decisions The Boston Gas Defense Cost Allocation Split Boston Gas Co. v. Century Indem. Co., 454 Mass. 337, 352 (2009)…

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Does Your General Liability Policy Protect You Against Liability for a Data Breach?

If your business involves obtaining, storing and using personally identifiable information from customers, you are at risk for claims alleging that you did not adequately protect that information.  News of…

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