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How to Lose $10M in Coverage: Don’t Train Your Front Line Claims Employees

Why do apparently sophisticated insureds keep losing out on millions of dollars in coverage for failure to take the one small step required to avail themselves of that coverage: providing…

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Responding to a New Damage Theory by Asking for More Information Isn’t an Unfair Settlement Practice

Insurers should take comfort in a new Massachusetts Appellate Division case, which sided with an auto insurer that initially offered the lowest end of its claim valuation, and, upon receiving…

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Excess Insurers Have No Duty to Defend Until Primary Coverage is Exhausted – Even in New Hampshire

The State Supreme Court Clears Up Long-Ambiguous Case Law on Excess Coverage The general rule is that an excess insurer’s duty to defend is triggered only when the primary insurer’s…

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Insurance for “Malicious Prosecution” Doesn’t Cover an “Abuse of Process” Claim

“Love thy neighbor” was obviously not the principle governing the behavior of the Kaplans and the Costellos, neighbors in Hull, Massachusetts. When the Kaplans sued, the Costellos’ counterclaimed alleging an…

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