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D. Mass. verdict: Insurer may be liable for bad faith for mistake of law

A recent ruling from the District of Massachusetts suggests that insurers are responsible for training their claims handlers to know and understand the law affecting their insureds’ liability – and…

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“Your work” exclusion does not bar coverage for claim against concrete flooring subcontractor for damage to other flooring layers

A subcontractor’s Commercial General Liability insurance policy provided coverage for damage to carpets and tiles laid on top of a defective subfloor, despite an exclusion for the cost to repair…

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Electronic Transfer Scam Losses May Be Covered Under Business Owner’s Policy: A Step Toward Coverage For Crypto Currency?

The Vermont Supreme Court recently held that a business owner’s policy that provided coverage for “loss” resulting from forgery and theft, but excluded “physical loss or physical damage” resulting from…

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A Blow to the Face Arises From Assault and Battery for Purposes of Determining an Insurer’s Duty to Defend, Even if the Complaint Alleges Negligence.

The Court Also Holds That an Employee is an “Insured,” But Not the “Named Insured,” and Therefore is Not Entitled to Assault and Battery Coverage Applicable to Only the Named…

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Appeals Court Untangles Dispute Over Insurance for Home Heating Oil Spill

Decision Addresses Nature and Purpose of Collateral Source Rule. Happily, in this case there was plenty of insurance coverage for the remediation of a home heating oil spill.  But it…

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