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Public Agencies May be Liable for Design Defects in “Construction Management at Risk” Contracts

September 2, 2015 – In a traditional “design-bid-build” public construction project, Massachusetts law holds that, by handing completed designs to a construction company, public agencies impliedly warrant that those plans…

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Posted In: First Amendment

Is Your Panhandling Ordinance Unconstitutional, Too?

After a Supreme Court decision calling into question the constitutionality of many municipal sign bylaws on free speech grounds, cities and towns may find their panhandling ordinances have also become…

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Posted In: Home Rule Amendment

Locally Regulating Where Sex Offenders Live Is Dangerous and Illegal

August 28, 2015 – Massachusetts municipalities may not regulate where sex offenders live, according the Supreme Judicial Court (SJC). The decision could invalidate local laws in almost 50 Massachusetts municipalities…

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