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Posted In: Employment

State’s New Earned Sick Time Law Does Not Automatically Apply to Municipalities

Massachusetts’ new earned sick time law, which takes effect on July 1, does not apply to municipal employees (or other public employees) until the city or town has accepted it…

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Posted In: First Amendment

Portions of Your Sign Bylaw Are Probably Unconstitutional, Says Supreme Court

A recent Supreme Court decision calls into question the constitutionality of most sign bylaws based on content regulation. In particular, many election sign bylaws may violate the First Amendment. While the Court held…

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Posted In: Contracts

City Required to Pay a Contractor’s Attorneys Fees Under a Standard Indemnity Clause

Standard indemnity agreements in municipal contracts can expose cities and towns to liability for their contractors’ attorneys fees if they are not narrowly drafted to address only claims by third…

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Posted In: Discovery, Public Records Requests

SJC: Public Entities Can Assert Work Product Protection in the Face of Discovery and Public Records Requests

May 15, 2015 – The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (SJC) has swept away years of uncertainty over whether public entities can assert work product privilege to protect from disclosure documents…

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Court Shuts Down Completed Rail Trail Project in Favor of Private Land Owner

When a Superior Court judge rules against a Boy Scout who earned his Eagle Scout badge by successfully turning an abandoned mile of rail line into a nature trail, we…

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