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Posted In: Renewable Energy

City and Town Solar Projects Favored under New Solar Bill

Municipalities were the big winner in the recently enacted net metering bill, under which public solar installations continue to receive full price when selling surplus power to utilities. But cities…

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Grandfathered Convenience Store Can Add Alcohol Sales Without Zoning Relief

A grandfathered convenience store may add beer and wine sales without obtaining zoning relief from the town, the Appeals Court recently decided in Almeida v. Arruda. How Much Can a…

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Posted In: First Amendment

Public Officials Must Bear Public Criticism

The Anti-SLAPP law does not protect Public Officials from damages they may cause in seeking harassment protection orders to thwart public criticism. If in office long enough, most public officials…

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Posted In: Procurement

Be Practical, Not Persnickety, in Public Bidding, Says Court

Municipalities must excuse errors in bidders’ submissions when they are trivial enough not to prejudice the procurement process, according to a recent superior court case. But the case leaves open…

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