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New Public Records Law Raises Stakes for Towns – *Updated*

The House and Senate unanimously voted to pass a public records bill that reconciles a┬áSenate bill that imposed significant burdens on municipalities with a more reasonable House bill from last…

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Appeals Court Rules Municipalities May Not Regulate Private Air Strips without MassDOT Aeronautics Division Approval

Massachusetts municipalities may not regulate noncommercial, private restricted landing areas without the approval of the Aeronautics Division of the Department of Transportation, according to the Appeals Court. Reversing a Superior…

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By Regulating Taxis but Ignoring Ride-Hail Services, Boston May Be Violating the Constitution

Municipalities may want to rethink the way that they regulate taxis, or consider regulating ride-hail services like Uber and Lyft, following a new federal district court decision in a dispute…

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