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Supreme Court to State and Local Governments: Religious Entities Cannot be Excluded from Public Benefits

On Monday, the Supreme Court announced that Missouri violated the First Amendment’s Free Exercise Clause when it denied public funds to Trinity Lutheran Church.  In the 7-2 decision in Trinity…

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D.C. Circuit Adds another Layer to Federal Drone Regulation

State and local governments and airport proprietors trying to follow FAA’s regulation of unmanned aerial systems, or drones, now have one more wrinkle to keep track of: on Friday, May…

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Postponing Marijuana Law by Six Months May Help Clarify How Towns Can Opt-Out

Governor Baker has signed into law a bill that extends November’s successful ballot initiative’s licensing deadlines for “marijuana establishments” by six months. Question 4 of the ballot initiative – now…

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Posted In: Municipal Law, Public Records

New Year Launches New Public Records Law and Regulations

The New Year marks the effective date for most provisions of the new Massachusetts Public Records Law, and new public records regulations promulgated by the Supervisor of Public Records.  A…

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