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Town of Barnstable to Be Reimbursed for Cleanup of the Town’s Drinking Water Supply

In 2016, Anderson & Kreiger, on behalf of the Town of Barnstable, brought a lawsuit against Barnstable County to recover response costs associated with the cleanup of the Town’s drinking water supply.  The Town asserted that Perfluoroalkyl Substances (“PFAS”), a component of aqueous fire fighting foam used by the County for many years in training activities at its Fire and Rescue Training Academy, contaminated the groundwater and three of the Town’s wells.  The PFAS in the wells required prompt response actions by the Town to protect its population of nearly 18,000 residents and businesses.

Anderson & Kreiger recently completed negotiation of a settlement under which the County will pay $2.95 million dollars to reimburse the Town for its past response costs and contribute to the Town’s future operation and maintenance costs.  The parties were able to reach that settlement before spending substantial sums on discovery and protracted litigation.  A&K is gratified to have negotiated a settlement agreement that not only substantially reimburses the Town and protects its drinking water supply, but also preserves the parties’ collaborative relationship regarding future drinking water issues.

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