Federal Regulatory Compliance

We advise airports throughout the country on a wide range of federal regulatory compliance matters, including:

  • Airport revenue use
  • Grant assurance compliance and FAA/OIG audits
  • Grandfather status claims
  • Exclusive rights and economic discrimination claims
  • FBOs and airport fueling
  • PFCs
  • AIP – project eligibility and use of AIP funds
  • Ground access projects
  • Federal environmental laws
  • Civil rights requirements
  • Air service incentive programs

We are respected by our clients – and by the federal regulators, who know us well – as passionate, but reasonable advocates.

Here are a few examples of our compliance work:

  • We negotiated favorable corrective action plans with the FAA, concluding FAA or DOT OIG audits at Los Angeles International Airport (use of airport revenue to pay for municipal police services and for airport promotion and destination marketing), at Salt Lake City International Airport (municipal sponsor’s use of airport property for non-aviation purposes); and at San Francisco International Airport (use of airport revenue to pay for municipal services).
  • We successfully resolved a DHS OIG audit of the use of ARRA funds for in-line baggage inspection facilities at Phoenix-Sky Harbor International Airport under a TSA grant.
  • We advised Massport on many politically sensitive federal regulatory issues that arose when Massport sought to use airport revenue to fund ground access projects to its airport, seaport and commercial facilities, including its purchase of roadway assets built in the “Big Dig” Project.
  • We have advised many different airport sponsors on the use of PFC’s and airport revenue to fund rapid transit or people mover projects systems serving airport passengers.

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