Clean Energy

Since 2012, we have helped numerous municipalities and schools to lease out available land and rooftops to host solar energy projects. With our assistance in contract procurement, negotiation and management, clients purchase solar energy and receive net metering credits to reduce their overall electricity cost, as well as benefit from rent and tax payments. The projects illustrate municipal commitments to clean energy and to fighting climate change. Students at schools learn about renewable energy with specialized curriculum and website tracking of solar production at their schools. Some projects are installed atop canopies over parking areas, providing electric vehicle charging ports and protecting vehicles from sun and snow, in addition to generating solar energy. We also help communities buy into solar and wind projects by negotiating agreements to purchase net metering credits from community solar projects and other off-site locations.

In addition to helping develop clean energy projects, we assist municipalities qualify as Green Communities under the Massachusetts Green Communities Act, requiring adoption of enhanced energy codes for local buildings and as-of-right zoning for renewable project development and industry. As a result, Green Communities receive grants to improve the efficiency of municipal buildings, upgrade inefficient heating and cooling systems and add efficient lighting. We have worked to implement municipal aggregation of electric loads, providing electric customers with options to increase the amount of renewable energy that powers their homes and businesses. Massachusetts communities have helped put Massachusetts in the forefront of clean energy initiatives, and A&K is proud to play a part in this effort.

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