Litigation, Enforcement and Administrative Disputes

Our environmental lawyers excel at cases with difficult scientific issues, complex regulations and many potentially responsible parties (PRPs). We have successfully settled and litigated hundreds of tough cases over the past 30 years. Recent examples include:

  • We represented the City of Phoenix in litigation involving a major fuel spill at the City’s airport. We secured a successful settlement with a number of responsible airlines including their performance of a multi-million dollar cleanup and monitoring program.
  • We represent Momentive Specialty Chemicals, Inc., a global leader in specialty chemicals and materials, in connection with a large Superfund Site in Florida. We coordinate a team that includes nationally recognized environmental experts. We have worked on cost allocation, reasonableness of the current owners’ investigative costs, and insurance for historic liabilities at the site.
  • Our litigation team won one of the leading MEPA cases of the past decade, Ten Residents v. BRA, which established new law concerning the required scope of environmental review of a biological research facility to safeguard the safety of an adjacent environmental justice community.
  • For the City of Attleboro, which has a Superfund site partly within its borders, we negotiated a consent decree with the Department of Justice, and successfully mediated liability with potentially responsible private parties for the site’s cleanup.
  • One of our litigators was appointed Special Master by a federal judge in Massachusetts to prepare a report on the reasonableness of guilty pleas by two corporate defendants in a criminal Clean Air Act prosecution.

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