Development and Permitting


  • We represented a large private equity fund in its bid to buy the outstanding debt on the Westwood Station project in Westwood, Massachusetts. We reviewed the federal, state and local permits and approvals, and advised on the rights and limitations of each, as well as the risks associated with the purchase and assumption of the development permits.
  • We represented the City of Cambridge in connection with Alexandria Real Estate’s development of a new life sciences complex in Kendall Square. Our work involved the transfer of land parcels from the developer to the City as a condition of the project’s zoning approvals. Because the project involved formerly contaminated properties, we also advised on environmental matters.
  • We are counsel to a number of private schools, and we regularly advise them on campus redevelopment and expansion projects in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This work involves seeking zoning relief from the City of Cambridge and working with neighbors and other community groups to ensure that our clients obtain their desired goals while also addressing neighbors’ concerns when possible.

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